Sunday, July 8, 2018

Tour of Mobility Worldwide Affiliate Facility in Wheatfield, Indiana

It was just a normal day when we boarded a bus to go to DeMotte, Indiana. Near there at Wheatfield, Indiana, is an Indiana Affiliate of Mobility Worldwide. It is a facility that makes mobility carts.

70+ million people worldwide are leg disabled. Without help, they crawl in the dirt.

Since 1994 over 70,000 mobility carts have been built. They currently show twenty-three affiliates where these carts are built by volunteers, and the location we toured is one of them.

This is a completed mobility cart. It is hand-pedaled.

Finished mobility cart 

Mobility carts manufactured at Wheatfield, Indiana, facility
We saw how a cart is produced at this facility from the very first piece of wood to how volunteers assemble the pieces to make a cart. The carts are painted using bright, colorful paint colors. Jigs and forms make it possible for volunteers to assemble the carts from start to finish.

Carts are painted with bright happy colors.
When a cart is packaged, the packing that goes into the box contains only useful items that can be used by the people at the receiving end. Someone will receive the cart, but due to the variety of packing items, many people will benefit from each package, because of the useful items that are used for packing..

The people receiving the carts are very appreciative because they will no longer have to crawl through the dirt to go anywhere. Their lives are forever changed.

We saw so much and learned so much that it is almost impossible to share all of it here, but if you have any interest or want more information, they are a not-for-profit organization and welcome donations. Feel free to contact them through the various links on their website to obtain more information, schedule a plant tour, or learn more.

See more photos at or check out more links through their website at -- A photo of their facility can be found on the last page of their Winter 2017 Newsletter.

Or check out other locations through their website at

Mobility Worldwide
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