Monday, December 25, 2017

It's Christmas Day -- Merry Christmas!

Last night was Christmas Eve and a variety of decorations were visible in the park. Lights, wreaths, garland, poinsettias, etc. can be seen when we are out and about walking Angel.

A couple of RVs have a lighted pattern projector with lights projecting on the sides. Another has a 5' pole with a string of lights in the center and other lights strung at angles from the top of the center pole diagonally to the ground creating an illusion of a tree of lights, especially pretty after the sun goes down. One RV side of us has colorful lights strung around their awning. One on the other side of us has wreaths, garland and candy canes.

Jesus is the reason for the season; we wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas with Blessings to All!

My candy cane garden flag is hung on one of our bare walls. I slid the pocket opening through the rung of a slacks hanger. In the triangle portion below the hook of the hanger and above the flag, I hung an angel made of beads. It fits perfectly in that space. 

Candy Cane Garden Flag

Angel made of beads
I kept many of the santa ornaments I had.  When I had enough, one day I was going to create a Christmas Tree and decorate it using all Santa ornaments. For this year, I sorted through the the box of decorations and selected a few more to hang inside the RV.

My special snowman globe Sister ornament

Olde World Santa ornament with glitter accents hangs flat against the wall.

Hanging Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus ornaments
The clubhouse is festively decorated. The other morning when I went to do laundry, Santa's elves had clothes on the line. 

Clothes of Santa's helpers on the line in the laundry room
After we took the RV out to fill the onboard propane tank, which had last been filled April 1, I hung a santa windsock at the entrance to our screen room so we could see it blowing in the wind from inside the RV. 
Santa windsock is blowing in the wind through our screen room.
We added this lighted camper ornament this year. Because I was not sure if we would have enough power for our lighted decorations, we initially put the ones we decided to keep in storage.   

Lighted camper ornament
Christmas Eve...

There was a get together in the clubhouse. Everyone who attended took a wee snack, their own beverage, and a small gift to exchange.

Christmas tree in the clubhouse

Wee snacks

Close-up of Christmas Kabobs -- Mini brownies, marshmallow and
strawberry with swirls of chocolate syrup 

Beautiful bracelet, earrings and a polka-dot cooler
received in the gift exchange

Floor mat received in gift exchange
Christmas Dinner

Dinner was at 4PM. The jellied cranberry sauce went over so well for Thanksgiving, I decided to do that again. The other item I chose is a chocolate cake. So far, it looks like there will be a nice turn out with a good variety of food choices, i.e. turkey, ham, scalloped potatoes, desserts, and much more.

A glimpse of the food table...
Other Things...

Besides enjoying many Christmas shows on television, including the Disney Christmas earlier today, December has held a variety of activities.

Much Needed Bath

December 6th our baby, the RV, that is, got a bath! What a difference it made! We had cleaned the front of it when we were at Blue Mesa Ranch near Gunnison, Colorado. During that cleaning, we had to remove a lot of bugs we had picked up in our travels. This time it was the humidity here in Florida creating a lot of mildew spots. The maintenance man here at the park did a real fine job.

After baby's bath...
The Bear

You heard right. We learned one morning that a bear had visited the park. Bears like to feed on the berries found on some of the palm trees.  He left a pile of evidence along the south drive, including  all of the berries he had eaten from the palm trees. The south drive is the one I refer to as the "shady lane" because one side has a lot of trees and brush along a fence row making it somewhat shady.

We are told that bears do wander into parts of the city of Ocala. They are removed to other parts of the National Forest where the bears and people are safe. Apparently, some are dropped not far from here where they eventually make their way back into the National Forest.

Trimming the Tree...

One morning while walking Angel, we heard the sound of a chain saw. A tree trimmer was high in the pines trimming out a couple of dead limbs. One of the larger dead limbs had already been hoisted to the ground.  

Tree trimmer in the Pine Tree

Dead branch already lowered to the ground
Things Change

While reading and catching up on some other blogs, we have learned that the area outside of Ehrenberg that we left in January of this year (2017) had a visit from a group of Rangers, four or five. Their message to the boondockers was that they are now enforcing the two-week rule. They came in to the area to check license plates and to let the people know if they are still there at the end of two weeks, they will issue tickets to people violating the two-week stay rule.

In case you are wondering whether they have options, yes, they do. It is still free, but technically, they will have to move 25 miles away every two weeks or to a different national forest, or other BLM land.

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