Monday, April 23, 2018

Where are we going from here?

After setting in an RV park on the same site for thirteen months, the temperatures in Spring started to get warmer. The itch to travel was biting us again. We are looking forward to continuing our travel adventures throughout rural America, and are leaving the park as planned and on schedule.

Initially, we thought this park might be suitable to return to numerous times for a break off-road. However, since the dog encounter, and other situations, that is no longer the case. We simply want to travel and see more of this beautiful country!


This was a good opportunity to get many up-in-the-air projects out of the way.

The timeshares are history. Yes, we no longer have them. We have not used them in nearly 13 years.  Most do not accept pets without charging an exorbitant fee, and their locations are typically not where we travel.

We have purged other things, like square dance crinolines, etc. If items were candidates for eBay, we sold them there. Other things went to Goodwill, or were simply thrown in the dumpster.

Upon finishing the last twenty percent of yarn in a latch hook rug project, I listed and sold it on eBay for the buyer to complete the rug binding.  The 39-inch octagon shaped Spinnerin latch hook rug was a kaleidescope pattern, in which I used a wide range of multiple colors of yarn. It was fun to design, but larger than I need, so am glad someone else will get to enjoy it.

Latch hook rug in colorful kaleidescope pattern
Lunch Stops

When convenient, we have enjoyed a variety of lunch stops, sometimes getting a burger, or biscuits and gravy. This was the scene of a lunch stop where we caught up with people we have not seen for several years. It was a pleasant sunny day. The restaurant had tables on their back deck overlooking a beautiful body of water. Daily fare included shrimp, Alaskan pollock, reuben sandwiches and much, much more!

Lunch stop

Where are we going from here?

The world is our mile at a time...  In our travels we may take a break periodically or stop for short periods of time to catch our breath.

New directions can be expected as we continue to switch gears in our RV travel. If you want to get the whole scoop, you can read about it in detail on John's blog at

As for this blog,, I intend to focus more on photography throughout our travels. I probably will not write as much about our locations at any given time as I continue to post pictures. Posts will be at random, not in any particular order, and may also include places previously visited. After all, this is all about seeing the country and enjoying the views!

So sit back, enjoy the photo show, and hope you like the new look! Happiness is not a destination! It is part of our journey!

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