Sunday, September 24, 2017

Texas Highways, Scenes, and Rest Parks ...

Driving across Texas, this time in mid-January 2017, was at leisure. Traffic was light so we could enjoy the scenery. No need to hurry. Weather was beautiful. It was a clear day with very comfortable temperatures. Overnight stops were either at rest parks or paved areas made for multiple vehicles to pull off the highway.

Our stop at the first rest park in Texas, where we saw the sign
telling us Texas allows overnight parking at their rest parks.
Another Texas rest park, this one with trees, where we pulled
into the lanes for longer vehicles while giving Angel a break.
In case you thought Texas was all flat, have a look at the rock that was cut to put this highway through.
Beautiful rock
Nice scenery
Enjoying another pretty road scene
The next rest area was long with a lot of concrete and parking. It had large areas off to our right where the grass had been mowed, making it very nice for walking Angel, which also gave us exercise. It afforded beautiful views both ahead of us as well as behind us. This was a great place to stop for the night.
Great stop for Angel's walk and a night stop
View looking to the rear with lots of area to park
Since we were the only ones parked here, I took advantage of the opportunity to remove a rug from our stairway entry. I went to the rear opposite side of the RV to shake it in the wind moving away from me.

What? Not Again?

I got a whiff of propane in the air. Another propane leak? We had just paid $228.20 at RV Lifestyles in Quartzsite to have a propane leak fixed and this smell was coming from the same location! We had no choice but to again shut down everything, that is, all things, using propane. Fixing the leak would have to wait until we could get to our friends' place in Louisiana.

So for the second time this year, we turned off the RV refrigerator which was running on gas. We moved everything from that refrigerator to the refrigerator in the trailer, which was running off of solar. This meant every time we ate I had to run back to the trailer, unlock the door, hop up in to the trailer, and retrieve everything needed to fix a meal, and carry it back to the RV. When we were done eating, I had to do it all again to put things back in that refrigerator, until we could get the propane leak fixed. The good thing was we had a back-up refrigerator and did not have any food spoil.

Brakes went Metal-to-Metal

The brakes on our motorhome went metal to metal as we continued around Austin.

We took great care and kept our fingers crossed that we could make it to our destination in Louisiana. If you remember from my other posts, we knew when we left Blue Mesa Ranch near Gunnison, Colorado that this was inevitable. Then it was a matter of how far we could go before needing it! We were fortunate to make it this far. Brakes were not the only items that needed attention.

The next night we stayed in the Walmart parking lot in Bryan, Texas.

Bryan, Texas, Walmart near recycling area at right of their lot 
We continued on this beautiful stretch of two-lane road shaded by pine trees on both sides of the road.

Pine trees shade this beautiful stretch of two-lane highway
Crossing this bridge afforded us more beautiful views on our way to the Escapees Park in Livingston, Texas.
More beautiful views as we continued toward Livingston, TX
Escapees Park in Livingston, Texas

We arrived at the Escapees Park in Livingston, and claimed our hugs, for which Escapees members are famous. We then proceeded to our boondocking campsite across from the laundry room. This gave us an opportunity to do laundry before continuing on to Louisiana.

Escapees building, Livingston, Texas, where members pick
up mail.
Clubhouse at Escapees Park in Livingston, Texas
Escapees members view movies on this big screen TV in
the clubhouse.
Beautiful clouds as we left Livingston, Texas, enroute to Louisiana

Clouds in the sky as we left Livingston
In the next post, we will enter the state of Louisiana and arrive at our friends' place. Follow us to see what we do, where we go, who we see, and more...

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