Friday, May 6, 2016

A Visit to Congress!

Boondocking at the North Ranch

On the way to our next destination, we settled into a boondocking site for a couple of nights at the North Ranch Escapees Park in Congress, Arizona.  It is located about 16 miles north of Wickenburg.

This Escapees park is a co-op, which means people own their own lots and use them or rent them out if they are gone. Many lots had a park model, while there were still a lot unoccupied as many travelers had already left for the season. The clubhouse was spacious.  There were multiple rooms, one of which had a television, a seating area, and a table with a jigsaw puzzle in process. Mostly cactus and yucca plants were visible throughout the park. In the distance, one can see the mountains.

Cactus Flowers and Yucca Plants

The cactus flowers and several tall yucca plants were fascinating to me.

Prickly Pear Cactus with yellow flowers

Prickly Pear Cactus with two colors of flowers

Single Yucca bloom

Two Yucca plants about ready to bloom
Pickle Ball

Pickle Ball was a favorite activity at this park.

Barn with Pickle Ball court inside

Welcome to the Pickle Ball Barn
Angel loved the doggie run.

It was at one corner of the park, so it was a nice long walk to reach it. There were some tennis and other balls in the fenced area, so he had fun running and fetching the balls.  They were scattered all over.  As he finished playing, he picked up each one and moved it to an area shaded with a three-sided lattice that provided shade. In one corner of the doggie run, there was a water spigot with a stainless steel bowl under it.  At first he wasn’t sure he wanted to drink, but with a little coaxing after I put my hand under the spigot, he decided to take a drink.

Candid Shots of Angel

Angel is a very good traveler.  He has his routine, and adjusts very well to ours as well.  When it comes to pictures, he plays hard to get.  However, I have managed to get some photos.
Boondocking at Ehrenberg

Asleep on my pillow in the trailer
He just happened to look my way as I took this photo of him with John on the couch in the trailer.
Relaxing, but still alert



Barking --- my little protector

Hurrying back from one of his walks
When we left the Escapees Park in Congress, we went to Wickenburg, caught 93, and took it to 74 until it turned south as Scottsdale Road, which took us into Scottsdale, where we turned east on Shea Boulevard and took the road thru Fountain Hills. Then we headed north on 87, a very scenic stretch of road, with mountain scenery and mountain grades.

More is in store – stay tuned -- as we continue our adventure of traveling and living full time in an RV.

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