Monday, April 24, 2017

Mountain Drive from Montrose, Colorado to ...

After it stopped raining in Montrose, we started up the scenic mountain road on our way to Gunnison, Colorado.

It was about 11 a.m. on July 19 when we left Montrose. Since the scenery is so gorgeous, here are pictures of mountains, winding roads, lakes, cattle, green fields, and even light road construction. We were down to 20 miles per hour on some of the mountain grades. This is U.S. 50, which is a two-lane highway, and any opportunities to pull off of the highway are few and far between.

Climb in, sit back, fasten your seatbelt and get ready for some more beautiful scenery. Rather than do another video, I thought you might like to thumb through the photos at your own pace. Our elevation as we leave Montrose, Colorado, is 5800 feet.  Be sure to read the captions under the photos. Just a reminder, click any photo to enlarge it, and ‘x’ out of it to return to the blog.

U.S. 50

Wide view as mountains rise before our eyes

We are on a downhill grade. Other side has a passing lane for
getting around slower-moving vehicles like the logging truck.

Cattle grazing in field to right of road

Big valley great for farming operation

Not sure if this is a rim above the mountain or just a mesa.


Slowing down to 35 MPH on this winding road

Road construction set up at mile marker 122.

Entering area with rock on both sides of road...

...and meeting a little traffic

Mountains are getting closer to the highway.

Signs on right show a turnoff for picnic table and lodging at Arrowhead Lodge.

Guard rails...

Rocks with trees...

Rounding the curve

Another curve

Straight away with lake on left


Lake area on left

Colorful rock

Sign says Lake Fork - 1 Mile

Larger view of lake

View of same lake -- this is a long lake.

Blue Mesa Reservoir at Cove Road


Beautiful scenery

Crossing another bridge and viewing mesa up ahead

Beautiful view...

Beautiful view -- road work ahead

We stop for road work -- one-way traffic

Another flagman is beyond the truck in the distance.

End of road work

Almost there!
In the next post I will talk about our two-week visit at Blue Mesa Recreational Ranch RV Resort and our trips into Gunnison.

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