Friday, May 12, 2017

Thru Gorgeous Valleys and Spectacular Rock Formations...

More beautiful scenery lies ahead of us! We retrace our route from Montrose back through Delta to Grand Junction and continue through western Colorado! We pick up Interstate 70 in Grand Junction, Colorado. Our first stop is Fruita, the last rest park in Colorado. Just as the app on our Smart Phone said, we find a free dump station where we can refresh our tanks and fill with water. This is a service much appreciated by travelers.

It was hard to pick photos to post, so I got rid of the worst and put the rest in a youtube video you can view below.

Utah Welcome Center 

Our next stop is at the Utah Welcome Center. We take our time visiting the welcome center. We walked up a trail to an overlook and took pictures of the scenes below including our rig in the parking area, and the highway and surrounding area.

Welcome to Utah!
Highway 191, Arches, Canyonlands, Moab…

On today’s drive, we turn south on Highway 191 through the beautiful scenery that surrounds Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park, through Moab. We pass the Hole in The Rock, see Wilson Arch, and more. As we arrive in Monticello, Utah, we see a gas station with a very large parking area that has plenty of overnight parking for trucks. Voila! Looks like a wonderful spot to boondock for the night.

Getting close to Wilson Arch
Valley of the Gods, Navajo Twin Rocks,  Mexican Hat, Monument Valley…

The next day, August 7th, we continue past Devil’s Canyon toward Blanding. Great views of the Valley of the Gods and Navajo Twin Rocks come into view as we near Bluff. At Bluff, we pick up another scenic route, 163, which takes us past Mexican Hat, across the Navajo Nation, and through Monument Valley into Arizona. A lot of John Wayne movies were filmed in Monument Valley. The rock formations are absolutely gorgeous!

Mexican Hat
Grand Canyon…

We pick up highway 160 at Kayenta. Highway 160 dead ends at 89, so we take 89 south toward Cameron. From the new bridge at Cameron, we get a glimpse of the big old iron bridge that we crossed 28 years ago when our friends from Germany were traveling with us. (I still remember having lunch with them at the little restaurant in Cameron.)

Immediately after that, we turn west on highway 64. It is 29 miles to the east entrance of the Grand Canyon. We travel through Kaibab National Forest and enter Grand Canyon National Park using our Senior Pass. We did not stop at any of the pull offs for the Grand Canyon, since we had been there before, but I did get a couple of photo opportunities before we got to Grand Canyon Village and headed south through Kaibab National Forest and saw elk on our way to Tuscayan.

Kaibab National Forest was our boondocking spot for the night. The next day we traveled south on 64 to Williams, Arizona, east on 40.

Click on the following youtube video if you would like to view photos from the places described in this post.


In the next post, I will show you our next boondocking spot in the National Forest near Flagstaff.

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