Sunday, August 5, 2018

Scenery While Traveling the Back Roads

After crossing the Illinois River in Peoria, Illinois, we made a right turn which was a very scenic drive along the Illinois River. We were on our way to another picturesque site to boondock near Dunlap.
Scenic view of Illinois River north of Peoria, Illinoia
The next morning as we continued to travel the back roads, we were amazed to come upon a picnic park. You never know what is around the next bend when you travel the back roads. While enjoying the countryside along 40 and 17 in Illinois we suddenly came upon a park with an old iron bridge and wind generators in the background. Farms dotted the landscape.

Countryside park with old iron bridge and wind generators in background where we fixed morning coffee.
Closeup of old iron bridge and wind generators at roadside park

This was a great spot to stop and heat water to make coffee and fill our coffee mugs. A water pump as shown in foreground above was located within the grassy area.

Birthplace of a President

As we were traveling, a sign appeared on our route telling us Tampico, Illinois was the birthplace of Ronald Reagan, who served as president of the United States of America. So we decided to stop and check it out.
Main Street of Tampico, Illinois
About Reagan's Rainbow

A double rainbow appeared in Tampico on November 3, 1980. It seemed to end on top of the First National Bank where Ronald W. Reagan was born. The next day Mr. Reagan was elected the 40th President of the United States by a landslide.
Sign at second floor level depicts where Reagan was born.
Reagan was born in a second floor bedroom of the First National Bank building.

Birthplace of Ronald Reagan
Boyhood figure of Reagan in City Park
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Driving interstates versus scenic byways

Just the other day as we were traveling, there were no back roads convenient to our route, so we got on the interstate. Traffic was light at first. But when we approached a network of highways leading to larger cities, the number of lanes increased with more traffic. We were glad when we got to our turnoff. Traveling the interstate for only a short distance made us realize how scenic the back roads are.

So Much Green...

The two lane roads we were on had beautiful scenery. It was very enjoyable driving through the countryside seeing crops in the fields and farms and barns of all shapes and sizes. Many red barns appeared in the landscape as we drove along negotiating hills, curves, and enjoying the ribbon of highway.

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Tune in to my next post to see more photos of places we visited in Iowa.

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